My name is algazel ma’roef, nick-name algazel. My works intensively explore about islamic culture, philosophy, psychology, society interest, life style, and photography. I was born in Songenep-Madura Island, graduated from the TMI Al-Amien Prenduan Islamic Boarding School.

    I learn writing, blogging, philosophy and psychology by self learning from reading books, engaging in discussion and practicing. Blogging, writing and public speaking are my main interests. To produce creative ideas is a challenge which i always think to get something new, creative thinking, and use different ways. Creativity using taste for passionate to reflect the daily activity or news today with psychology, philosophy and islamic lesson. For that, i keep continuing to try and to make it much better from time to time.

    You can connect me at algazelmakruf@gmail.com for discussion, share about something important for your life and other goals. I hope you to meet me at www.makruf.com or www.algazelfaqot.wordpress.com, twitter: @makroef_ IG: MG_Makroef.


    Thank’s. Wassalamu’alaikum…

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